Activities to do with your kids during the holidays

The holidays are a time for families to spend quality time together, however coming up with activities to do with your children can sometimes be a challenge. 

We’ve come up with a list of fun activities you can do with your kids over the holidays. 


While most kids won’t be jumping for joy to read during the holidays, reading is a great way to bond with your children. Ask them to pick their favourite books, especially if you will be going away for the holidays. This way, your kids will be encouraged to read, as they would have chosen the books themselves. 

Nalibali is a great website with short stories for kids in different languages. 

Teach them a new skill 

Teaching your kids a new skill is another fun and engaging way to spend time with your kids. If you are a good baker, you can teach them how to bake or cook. If you aren’t a great baker yourself, you can also learn this skill with them. This will make it even more fun for your kids, as you will be learning together.

Plan outdoor activities

Hiking or a picnic is a great way to spend time outdoors. This will also give you time to spend much needed time with your family while enjoying the outdoors. The great thing about hiking is that you can have fun while getting some exercise. A picnic is another fantastic activity to do with your family.

Staying safe 

While the holidays are a great time to spend together as a family, we still need to take some precautions such as ensuring that you wear your masks, sanitise, washing your hands, social distancing and avoiding crowded spaces. 

We hope you enjoy the holidays with your families. To enrol at SPARK Schools visit 

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