How to prepare your child for high school

Going to high school is an exciting yet daunting step for any child as it is a huge step!

We share tips on how to prepare your child for high school.


Talk to your child about how they feel

Going into a new environment, with new teachers, and having to build new relationships can be nerve-wracking for anyone. However, preparing your child for high school can help them to overcome their anxiety of going to high school.


Sit down with your child and ask them what their fears are. This will help you to find ways to help them get over their fears.

According to Oxford learning, to calm your child, you can take them on a school tour or virtual school tour, as this will give them a glimpse of what their high school looks like.


Encourage your scholar to be an independent learner

High School learners’ workload differs from primary school, as they are preparing essentially for university. It is therefore important to talk to your child about the kind of workload to expect before the first day of school.

SPARK Randburg High School Principal Khomotjo Mashele says parents need to encourage learners to take charge of their learning. “Independent learning is a key element in preparing children to deal with the demands and workload of high school,” she says.


Create a home study schedule 

Create a home study schedule. This helps children to assimilate easier to their new environment and school workload.


Help them set up  goals for the year 

Ask your child to set up goals for themselves at the beginning of the school year. This sets the pace for your child’s academic year. Don’t just ask them to set up goals, also get involved. This will help you keep track of their progress and where they require assistance.


Show your support 

It is essential to reassure your child that they can come and speak to you about anything. Create a safe space for them to talk to you about anything. Reassure them that you will walk the journey with them and will help them through every step of their high school journey.


Read the scholar handbook

If your child’s school sends an info pack or scholar handbook, go through it thoroughly and ensure that you understand what the expectations are for you as a parent and for your child. Familiarise yourself with the school policies and rules.


Call the school if you have questions

If you still have lingering questions, and there are things you need to understand before school begins, contact your child’s school and ensure all your questions are answered.


Read information about the curriculum and learning model

This is important in understanding how your child’s school works and what would be the required academic support you might need to assist your child with.


Make sure your child has the correct stationery

Stationery might be the last thing on your list. Still, it is essential to prioritise it and ensure that your child has all the required stationery they require.


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