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Mapule Klas’ Tutor Testimonial

My experience at SPARK Schools has being the best ever. When I started at SPARK, I was employed as a coach. Our director of leadership and development gave me an opportunity and chance to be part of the Learning Lab team as a tutor.

At SPARK I have a very supportive team of dedicated professionals who strive to give me the best training I could ever ask for. It is a wonderful thing to work with a team of people who are invested in each person’s growth within the organisation.

SPARK is a fantastic place to work because every day is different. The great students, the supportive team and opportunities to develop professionally, are just some of the reasons why I love SPARK.

I love working with our SPARK Scholars. The respect that our learners are taught to give teachers is wonderful. At SPARK we believe in doing all we can to make sure our learners get the best education possible. We also believe that parent involvement is a key part of education, because parents need to support their children and be a part of our goal to achieve academic excellence.

I love tutoring my learners because the growth I see in them each day is such a rewarding feeling. One of the reasons I came to SPARK Schools was to see that growth and the smiles on my learner’s faces.

  • Cheryl

    Hi My daughter is 9 turning 10 in November 2016. She attends a public school but I am not happy , it seems like she is not getting the individual attention she needs due to large classes. nking of enImenImenroling imy child for 2017.

    • Mary Busschau

      Hello Cheryl, apologies for the late response. You are welcome to contact one of our schools to schedule a tour of the school. To view contact details please visit the following link: https://www.sparkschools.co.za/contact-page/

  • Kent Mabona

    I would like to enroll my child for 2018, grade R… We stay in Cosmo City… please advise on a process…