Reading resources for your kids during the holidays

Reading might be the last thing on your child’s mind during the holidays, as they would rather spend time watching TV, playing video games and playing with their friends, however reading is a great way to spend quality time with your children.

If you can spare a moment whether during the day or at night before they go to bed, use it to catch up on some reading. 

For parents who have smaller kids, pick books that are fun and full of adventure, this will help them stay interested and not stay bored.

 For older children, you can ask them to choose books they like. There are also great resources online to select books from. 

Khan Academy Kids has a great app that can be downloaded on Google Play store; the app is free. The app has impressive fun reading resources for young kids, such as learning letter formation and counting. It also offers a book library, where kids can choose books that they like, and they can either read for themselves or listen to the audio for the book they choose

Nalibali is another excellent reading resource with stories in different languages. They have amazing short stories that you can read to your child. They also offer audio stories that your child can listen to. 

Oxford owl was created by the Oxford University press to assist parents in developing reading skills in their children. On the website, you will find great e-books that can help your child gain and develop their reading skills. 

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