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Our Model

A Unique Approach

The SPARK Schools education model ensures that every child develops a love of learning and makes great academic progress.

SPARK Schools offers a uniquely individualised educational opportunity for students because of the focus on each student’s needs in the classroom and using online learning. SPARK Schools have an extended school day that begins at 07h45 each day. On Mondays, all scholars finish school at 13h00Tuesday to Friday, Grades R and 1 finish school at 15h00; Grades 2 and 3 finish school at 15h30; and Grades 4, 5 and 6 finish school at 16h00. This extended day includes all academic classes, as well as physical education and computer-based instruction in the innovative Learning Lab. The school day starts with Sparks Fly, an exciting and fun morning assembly. Then, the rigorous academic programme encourages SPARK students to develop a genuine love of learning in joyful and engaging classrooms. Aftercare and further enrichment and sport is available from the end of school to 17h30 for those families that desire it.

Blended Learning

SPARK Schools individualises learning through our blended learning model, which combines teacher-led instruction and computer-based instruction in our Learning Lab. Our model is the first of its kind for primary school students in Africa.  The software SPARK scholars use is adaptive, allowing for highly individualised student practise and assessment.

Expert Educators

From the foundation phase, students rotate from classroom to classroom for subject-specific lessons, as in a traditional high school. This model allows our students to learn from teachers who specialise in a single subject and are extremely effective at customising lessons within that subject for students of all abilities.

Family Engagement

Family participation at SPARK Schools is important! We ask all families to complete 30 volunteer hours over the course of the school year. Service hours can be completed in a variety of ways, including assisting with classroom tasks, taking part in a parent committee, or attending school events.

High Expectations for All

The SPARK Schools model emphasises high expectations for students and relies on excellent teaching and family support to ensure that all students grow.  SPARK Cresta teacher Chenay Garrett says, “Working at SPARK has provided me the opportunity to work for a team and to work with passionate people who have the same vision and expectations for learning.  SPARK provides not only me, but each and every one of our scholars, the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed based on individual skills and abilities.”

"The dream of every teacher is to genuinely know each student’s need and to be able to deliver on it."

Stacey Brewer, CEO of SPARK Schools