Why you should switch to SPARK Schools

Most parents worry about switching schools in the middle of the year, as they are concerned about the impact switching schools will have on their children.

This is understandable considering that finding a school that’s a perfect fit during mid-term is not always easy. This causes a lot of anxiety for parents, as they also worry about the transition into the new school environment.

Therefore when switching, parents need to look for a school that will make the transition process seamless and easy. 

SPARK Schools Regional Manager Deon Vermaak says switching schools is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. 

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“Switching schools can be a very stressful and disruptive change for most individuals. Ensure you are moving for the right reasons and that the main reason is that the move will benefit your child on a personal and educational level,” he says.

Whatever the reason is for switching schools, the transition to a new school environment will impact a child. Therefore it is vital to find a school that will ensure that the transition process is seamless.  

When a learner switches to SPARK Schools, there are several ways a learner is supported to adjust to the new environment. This includes Social-Emotional learning and academic support. We look at the learner’s previous academic performance to determine the shortcomings and how they can be addressed. 

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In a previous article, SPARK Schools, High School Curriculum and Assessment Lead, Kathryn Garden says that to help every learner progress from where they are; whether they are struggling or doing well, it is imperative to meet them as individuals on their learning journey.

SPARK Schools personalises learning to each learner’s individual needs; this means that even if a new learner joins, we help them adjust to the SPARK Schools curriculum. We obtain information from the learner’s parent/guardian and can personalise learning to address any learning gaps. 

“If the class teacher identifies any gaps, the learner will receive tutoring at set times in the day,” SPARK Schools Regional Manager Deon Vermaak explains.

SPARK Schools also provides various remote learning options that allow parents that choose a learning offering that best suits their schedule.

If you would like to switch to SPARK Schools, go to www.sparkschools.co.za 

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