• 2019 Enrolment

    Enrolment for 2019 is now open until 31 October 2018!

We are Society Shapers

We believe that high quality, affordable education has the potential to change our nation for the better!  At SPARK Schools, we are committed to nurturing scholars who are responsible, persistent, and kind and who positively contribute to South Africa’s future.

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SPARK Schools – 2019 Tuition and Fees

Annual Tuition

R23 100
per year for 2019

R21 300 Discounted Fee

Tuition paid by 31 December 2018 to qualify for discount.

Monthly Tuition

R2 310
per month for 2019

Paid over 10 months.

Total cost of R23 100

Application Fee

for 2019

Non-refundable application fee, must accompany first month’s tuition fee for enrolment.

Does not guarantee your child’s enrolment at SPARK.

Stationery Fee

for 2019

Annual fee for all SPARK scholars.

No additional stationery required.

New Schools Opening in January 2019

SPARK Schools Curriculum

SPARK Schools is aligned to South African national academic standards (CAPS), and we further seek to extend student learning to meet international grade level standards. In every subject, our curriculum encompasses the requirements of the CAPS curriculum and deepens student knowledge to ensure that SPARK scholars are globally competitive. Our education model is blended and personalised: we integrate technology into instruction and differentiate according to the needs of every student.


In maths, students are taught according to Scholastic’s PRIME curriculum, which is based upon the rigorous maths standards of Singapore, the Republic of Korea, and Hong Kong. The curriculum builds student capacity to problem solve, and the assessments in the PRIME curriculum require students to employ critical thinking to demonstrate success.


In literacy, students progress through reading and writing according to criterion scales based on Britain’s literacy standards. As required by the South African national curriculum, all students study life skills, natural science, and social science. At SPARK Schools, we integrate these subjects into literacy so that the themes of each life skill, natural science, and social science unit are explored through reading and writing.

isiZulu & isiXhosa

In line with our Language Policy, all SPARK Schools offer as a first additional language, mandatory from Grade R, the most populous previously marginalized African language of the province. For example, the first additional language offered in Gauteng is isiZulu, and the first additional language offered in the Western Cape is isiXhosa. We do not teach Afrikaans at any of our schools in the network.

Physical Education

As we prepare our students for university and future careers, we understand the importance of health and wellness in their development.  All SPARK scholars have physical education daily, Tuesday – Friday, where scholars learn in accordance to physical education requirements in CAPS.  During PE, our students focus on strength and coordination, practice individual and team sports, and learn the importance of developing the body, as well as the mind.